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Nature Regeneration

Our flagship project is regeneration of a mangrove forest in Mombasa. This area has faced deforestation and pollution from infrastructure development. 
We work closely with the community here. All our seedlings are sourced from the community to empower them financially and encourage a green economy. All our events are volunteer driven with the youth taking the lead. 

We do it in a way that is hands on, fun and engaging! 
Join us for our next fun filled event or support us by donating.

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Advocacy and Awareness 

We work with communities, school children and the youth to raise awareness about climate change and how the crisis is affecting our home. 

We engage on passing on climate education and mitigation measures with school children such as planting trees, climate strikes reduced use of plastics and lobbying the authorities for better polices to protect the environment.

All our events are hands on where skills are passed on in a fun, exciting and meaningful way.

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